Send us forward!

MapWe are so grateful for the gifts that we have received  to help us along the way! They gave us the encouragement we needed to make this journey.  In July, we made a great start meeting many good people striving forward in California. We  also made a loop from California through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and back. Then we made a big loop around the country, hitting the borders of both Mexico and Canada in ten days! In September, we set out once more (Dottie from L.A. and Elizabeth from Atlanta) for another ten day loop. We made stops in Sacramento, Point Reyes Station, Vancouver, Paris, Dornach, and South Carolina before landing back in Atlanta. Finally, in September, we traveled from Atlanta up through Tennessee to Michigan, stopping through North Carolina on our way home. Our goal was to meet as many friends as we could to lift up the work of the community all along the way as we work toward a Michaelic renewal of civilization. In Switzerland, we attended the 100th anniversary of the laying of the Foundation Stone of the first Goetheanum, carrying all of our hope and questions for the next hundred years.  Several friends asked how they could support our journey. If you see a value in the work we are doing and are able to help support it, we still welcome contributions toward our basic costs of travel. Below we offer a current picture of our finances and final balance along with the route we traveled. We have so much hope for the future, and we are eager to continue our work moving forward! We thank you all for your support and prayers for our safe journey. We are now back in Los Angeles and Atlanta with thanks and awe for the work happening all around this world!

With love and gratitude,

Dottie and Elizabeth



Gifts received to date:                   $1034.32
Our own contributions:               $1620.25
Total income:                        $2,654.57

Fuel expenses to date:                $1481.15
Food/grocery expenses to date:  $1189.40
Lodgings expenses to date:       $800.85
Car rental expenses:                    $939.79
Air travel expenses:                    $4221.04
Train travel expenses:                  $343.90
Speeding ticket:                           $50.00
Toll Roads                                     $62.00!
Total expenses to date:          $9,088.13

Estimated fuel expenses remaining:              $0.00
Estimated food expenses remaining:            $0.00
Estimated lodgings expenses remaining:     $0.00
Total estimated expenses remaining:           $0.00

End Balance:      – $6,433.56