‘Open up!’

To whom? Who are you?

‘I want to come into your heart to you.’

Then it is a small space you wish.

‘What does that matter? Though I scarcely find room, you will have no need to complain of crowding. I will tell you now of wondrous things.’

Oh, is it you Lady Adventure? How fares that lovable knight? I mean the noble Parzival whom Cundrie with harsh words drove forth to seek the Grail.


Dear Friends,

This July, we (Dottie and Elizabeth) are initiating a journey around North America that began with a gathering that took place in Dornach, Switzerland in February of this year. The friends who gathered there had encountered one another on the internet but not yet face to face. The wish was to come to meet the other to see where our work is and where we would like to see it leading in the future. We were hosted by Dr. Michaela Glöckler and the Medical Section of the Goetheanum and met in the Schreinerei, honoring the 100th anniversary of the opening lecture given on February 13, 1913 by Rudolf Steiner. This lecture pertains to the ongoing evolution of Sophia, with the first mentioning of the Being Anthroposophia as a guide for this age of the Consciousness Soul. Through the Christmas Foundation Meeting and the Foundation Stone Meditation, Rudolf Steiner offered a path for us to come together with the Being Anthroposophia in our ongoing work.

Our journey began in Dornach, and it is our plan to return to Dornach for the 100th anniversary of the laying of the Foundation Stone on September 20th, having met those friends around North America who were not able to meet us in February as well as new friends with the questions living in our hearts and theirs.

As we set out to meet our friends across North America this July, we are living with the question of how we can be a benefit to the Michael community we are a part of. We hope to lend to the healing of the split in our society/movement, thereby cultivating a more harmonious working collaboration amongst the Michael students in this work by taking our karma in hand.

In the words of Dennis Klocek regarding Rudolf Steiner “throwing the gloves down,” we’re throwing the down the gloves: What are we doing with this work? What are you doing with this work? What capacities are we building? How are we bringing ourselves to the world? What healthy communities are we creating? If Threefold can be seen as an answer to Ahriman’s challenge, are we willing to take it up and birth it forth, or do we allow Ahriman’s influence to continue to wreak havoc on the earth and in the temple of man’s own body? Can we conceive of a strategy to one by one look to where what lives in Anthroposophy can serve the world the most so as to transform what has taken place while the world slept?

We have awoken to a nightmare that many saw coming, but all it takes is a group of dedicated students to pull up their sleeves and go to work on what has to be accomplished for the future of our world and to have the Michael community stand with them and help them with the hard work of being fully present in the outer world as well as in the Michael community itself. The world needs us now to throw our hearts open wide and bear forth the gifts of spiritual science so that it has a fighting chance to stand up against the implementing of Ahriman’s aim, which is to separate man from his higher origins completely and through any means necessary. One need only look at what is being developed through GMOs, loss of our soil, the medical world infiltrating the temple of man thereby turning humans into walking zombies, etc. All of these things are seeking to utterly destroy the heart of man and his capacity to meet the Christ and his own spiritual development in this time and for all future before us. What are we doing with our inheritance? What inner and outer capacities are we building/striving towards?

We want to do something with this work. We have a wish to get Threefold out in front of us; inspire the earthly world to reconnect once more to the starry world; take back the soil from the GMO kings wreaking havoc in our bodies; open up the two party system bringing on the All against All every day; take up our bodies and walk; cultivate a more harmoniously collaborative creative working within this Michael School; create spaces so the Medical Section and all other Sections of the Michael School can have their work out and into the world. To begin with.

We are planting our flag on the hopes of this community to get its go on and start looking at how we can serve Christ and man out of what we are transforming in our own beings of Michael’s intelligence. Are you with us or are you with us? Let’s meet. Let’s have a conversation about how we can move this work forward so that it can have a serious impact in the world as it was meant to have. Let’s work to give man a fighting chance to wake up to his true origins as a spirit in a physical body and what can be his own responsibilities towards his own development. Let’s give our children a fighting chance for a future worthy of their destinies.

Our hearts are beating for the hope that we make a difference for the short period of time we are here, and we are so ready to meet others who share our hope. We will all find a way together. We will all look at what we can do and what we hope to do and what is needed.

Will you meet with us and share what you are striving for and how you think a way forward might be found? What more can we all do?

We realized as we were planning this journey that we feel deeply encouraged by those who have gone before us and those who have crossed the threshold carrying a hope to stay connected to Rudolf Steiner’s work in the world. In February, Dr. Selg shared a question regarding the ‘unborn’ and the Michael students, and we carry this image with us too, knowing we have come here to strive together in the task of Christ, Michael, and Sophia. When we return to Dornach in September, we will carry all of our striving and questions in our hearts to offer as a gift to the founding of Anthroposophy on the earth out of the Michael School on high and deep within.

If you wish to follow our journey, our Facebook page is Have Seeds, will Travel: A Journey into the Heart of Anthroposophy. We want to meet the Michael community and hear what is living in your hearts! We want to hold in our hearts what you yourself are striving towards. We’re going to give a shout out to friends we know around the continent, and if any others might like to break bread with us, please hit us up at, or reach us by phone at 404-558-5716. We are full of joy! to be on this journey together, carrying the seeds of our Dornach gathering forward as we join with friends around this continent. We hope to meet you this summer!

Elizabeth Roosevelt and Dottie Zold